MOVIECLIPS API 0.2.2 documentation

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MOVIECLIPS API Documentation

MOVIECLIPS exposes its data via an Application Programming Interface (API). This document is the official reference for that functionality.


This documentation should be considered incomplete as it is still under active development.

Developer Authentication

This section describes the authentication method available for associating API operations with supplied developer keys. Throughout this documentation, explanations of specific API functions will clearly indicate whether the function can provide enhanced information via user authentication.

Understanding Video Feeds and Entries

This section provides a sample API response and explains how to extract information about a single video from a list of videos or a set of listings, specified video request and search results.

Retrieving and Searching for Videos

This section explains how to fetch a list of videos. The MOVIECLIPS API defines several types of special feeds, such as videos from movies that are opening this week, coming soon, new on dvd and our Clip of the Day. This section also explains how also to retrieve a list of related videos, which are videos that MOVIECLIPS has determined are similar to a particular video. Finally, this section explains how to use the API to let users search through MOVIECLIPS’ video library for videos matching specific search terms or categories.